After being discharged from the Rangers due to an injury to his leg, Luke Rafferty is ready to find out what a normal life was like. He works hard and becomes a doctor, relishing the challenge of working in the ER. Luke had planned on going back home to Wyoming after his residency in the Kentucky hospital, but instead found himself staying and keeping an eye out for his own personal heartbreaker Devon Manning. When Luke comes into contact with Devon it makes him realize all of the things his life has been missing and thinks that if she was in his life then a normal life might not be so bad.

Being a social worker was a hard job that Devon found both rewarding and exhausting, but there was nothing else she would rather be doing. Her job often finds her in the emergency room and in the company of the hunky Dr. Rafferty. Devon knows that her past is a major road block when it comes to a relationship, but will she be able to resist when the doctor decides to pour on the charm?

Fragile by Shiloh Walker is an intense, sexy tale that is sure to please. Luke and Devon arenít perfect characters, instead they are both flawed which gives a layer of credibility and authenticity to the story. I enjoyed watching them deal with the issues that presented themselves as well as the sizzling chemistry between them. I admired the strength and determination that Devon demonstrated throughout the story and the dedication that she had for her kids.

Ms. Walker has created another unforgettable story that has a place of honor on my keeper shelf. Fragile is a fast paced, edgy tale with an engaging plot and endearing characters. It easily rates as a recommended read for me.

Reviewed by: Tammy