Forbidden Desires
Forbidden Desires by Stormy Glenn is the second book in the Tri-Omega Mates series.

Six years ago, Gregory and his pack alpha Jake were walking through their territory when Gregory swears that he heard a noise like doors swelling and moaning. Jake didnít hear anything, but when Gregory went to check he found a young man who had been beaten and left for dead, this man was his mate, Ryland. Over the years, Gregory kept Ryland close to him waiting for him to grow up, so he could claim him. Unfortunately, Ryland has also been waiting, but he doesnít understand why his mate has yet to claim him. Ryland takes matters in his own hands, but when Gregory turns him down things begin to spiral out of control as Gregory does the unforgivable causing their link to be broken, possibly forever. With the help of the pack Tri-Omega, Leyland, they patch things up, but they find out from Leyland that Ryland is a Tri-Omega just like he is. A Tri-Omega has unique abilities that manifest when he is claimed by both of his mates. That is right, a Tri-Omega needs two mates to claim him every two to three days or he will die. The problem is that now that Ryland has been claimed they have a very short time to find his mate or he will die. Leyland gets a far away look in his eyes and tells Ryland and Gregory that they should go on vacation. No one knows what all of Leylandís full abilities are, so they decide to go hoping that providence will lead them where they need to go. Will Ryland find his mate in time? How will Gregory and his unknown mate respond to sharing their mates? Will Ryland ever find out what his special abilities are?

Ms. Glenn has continued her series with this fast paced continuation of her Tri-Omega Mates series. I fell in love with Ryland from the very beginning with his infallible love for life and belief in the good in everyone. Rylandís ability to forgive and forget, happy personality, and zest for life draws people to him. Why his pack left him for dead is a mystery that is never explained. I enjoy watching how Leylandís paranormal abilities shock his mates as they continue to unfold. Will Ryland get his chance to find his other mate and his place in the world? Thanks go to Ms. Glenn for a fantastic edition to the Tri-Omega Mates series. I will be waiting to read more stories by this author.

Reviewed by: Teresa