Damned by Blood
Mikhail Faustin is the prince of New York, the head vampire. His power is unquestioned, but his emotions are dead. He feels he has nothing to ever offer a mate, so he has no plans to ever have one. Learning that his ex lover Alya Adad is his destined bride, and also the reason he is miserable, changes everything for Mikhail. With the bond already started, he must claim her, or die. Alya is almost as powerful as Mikhail, and also a prince of her own territory. She bows to no man, including Mikhail. She sees no other choice but to kill him, but she doesn't expect to still own his heart, and that he might own hers.

I have been waiting for Mikhail's book since I read the first Faustin Brothers story. Evie Byrne definitely does not disappoint. Damned by Blood is everything I was looking for in Mikhail's Story. There is passion, violence, and even some bondage. Mikhail turns out to be a terrific hero, and even though he may not always be in charge where Alya is concerned, there is no mistaking him for anything other than a dominant man who knows how to take what he wants. The two of them together is explosive, in more ways than one. They do try to seriously kill each other, but it makes the emotions of when they finally stop fighting each other that much stronger. Damned by Blood held my attention from the first page to the last, and I didn't want it to end. Evie Byrne has done a fantastic job, and I can't wait to read more from her.

Reviewed by: Ashley