Spider's Bite
All assassins have a cover to protect their identity. A cover designed to keep the truth from their enemies and to protect those they love. But no one would ever suspect that Gin Blanco of the Pork Pit barbecue joint in Ashland is in fact an assassin. Much less that she is the most feared assassin of the South-Spider. Spider is very good at her job, much sought after by her enemies and those who would employ her.

I love the Bigtime series by Ms. Estep and was both nervous and excited to hear that she had a new series coming out. I'm happy to say that Spider's Bite delivers all that I've come to expect from Ms. Estep and so much more. Gin is an awesome heroine. Who else would think to have a part-time cook and waitress from the town of Ashland moonlight as a deadly assassin? No one but Jennifer Estep could have pulled this one off with a story that still has humor as well as being dark. The writing style lends a much needed breath of fresh air in an oversaturated market. Spider's Bite could have easily fallen into the trap of sounding too much like other books in this genre but doesn't. The credit for this lays squarely on the talent of Ms. Estep. Wickedly deadly humor, a fabulous world of paranormal creatures, and magic all collide in this fantastic book! I can't wait to get my hands on the next in the series! Never has reading about one of the bad guys been so good!

Reviewed by: Hayley