Irish Sex Fairy
Since getting a job as a bank manager, Keara has had to make some tough business decisions; none tougher than the one that could cost a lot of other people their lives. When she finds herself in the midst of a hostage situation, being blamed for the violent actions of a desperate man, Keara's orderly life begins to crumble. Memories of that encounter now haunt her every waking moment. To get away, Keara visits her Great-aunt Maeve, who has just what she needs. The remedy is simple, if unconventional. Maeve believes the answer lies with the Irish Sex Fairy, Maeve's sex shop and the cure for just about any problem. Keara doesn't know how accurate this Irish Sex Fairy business is, but the moment she lays eyes on her old flame, Shane Dunstan, she knows that sex is most definitely going to fix what ails her. But what happens when the cure proves too good? Will Keara be able to walk away from Maeve and Shane and return to her fast-paced life, or will the Irish Sex Fairy hold her forever in a spell?

Kelly Jamieson has created a truly likable heroine in Keara, and a hero worthy of her in Shane. Skillfully developed, their relationship simmers before exploding into wild, passionate encounters that threaten to set the screen on fire. An imaginative plot makes us care for Keara from the first page, while the terrifying events surrounding her recent past make us root for her to find the kind of love that will sooth her anguished soul. Shane is caring and protective, but he's also playful and eager to make Keara happy. These endearing characteristics make him as appealing as Great-aunt Maeve herself, who manages to steal just about every scene she's in. A sexy, suspenseful book, Irish Sex Fairy offers a gem of a story sure to please fans of contemporary erotic romance.

Reviewed by: Jazlyn