A Wife for Big John
When Big John Thompson placed an ad for a lumber camp cook, he wanted a man for the job. He was certain he had hired a Daniel Jones, not a Danielle Jones, who was standing in front of him applying for the job. No, there will be no woman cook at his lumber camp, but once she gets under his thumb, it is hard to let the lovely lady leave. Dani did not wish to cook at any lumber camp, but she desperately needs the money to get to California to her betrothed Jamie. When she decides to accept the job on a temporary basis, her heart doesn't wish to leave once she sets her gaze on the stove in John's home. It was the one she saw on display and fell in love with. Her heart skips every time she glances at the stove. John cannot get over how much she is in love with his stove. More importantly how much he begins to show an interest for Dani, as embers of fire slowly burn inside his heart for her. As Dani cooks up meals for John and his crew, her heart begins to warm inside for him as well, but there is Jamie to consider. When it comes to choosing what path to take in her life, Dani wants to follow her heart and marry John, no matter how many shouting matches they often have. He is the one she loves. Will John give into his heart and confess his feelings to Dani, or lose her to someone else?

A Wife for Big John is positively a page-turner. The description of Big John like a huge lumberjack and Dani, a short petite person, is so vivid it was easy for this reader to connect with the characters. The chemistry is definitely there between the couple, and the dialogue is tremendous. The secondary players blend in making the story even more of a delight to read. Laura Robinson pens a fine story; just like a warm fire will warm the body; this story is the absolute icing on the cake, extremely marvelous. Her wonderful tale toasts the heart and keeps the memories of Big John and Dani always near. I loved how John compared Dani to a little bird and he, her protector. The introduction to the story gave this reader tremendous visual effects on everything happening. I love the part about the children and the eggs. This is a story I could read again and again.

Reviewed by: Linda L.