As You Are
When it comes to love, Julian Hallowell wants the whole enchilada. To Julian's way of thinking, his happily-ever-after comes complete with a healthy dose of love and romance. There is only one man worthy enough to cast in that role, his roommate, Danny Wallace. The trouble is Danny doesn't want a relationship, or does he?

Ethan Day is a brilliant author with the ability to spin a tale that will leave you wanting for more. His latest release, As You Are, has a believable plot, fantastic characters, and touches of humor and passionate encounters. Julian doesn't apologize for who or what he is. He knew what he wanted and didn't want to settle just for the sake of having a relationship. Even when Danny was scared, he finally owned up to his feelings and decided to fight for what he wanted. There are a few lessons I carried away from this story, namely being true to myself and never accepting second best. The men had a solid friendship and easy banter that made their attraction believable and easily pulled me along for the ride. I'll admit there were a few moments when Danny made me shake my head in disbelief, but the ending was worth those encounters. I plan to revisit this book in the near future, and recommend it to those who enjoy reading a gay erotic romance.

Reviewed by: NeNe