Luck Be Delanie
Six years ago Delanie made a big mistake. Grant Thompson. As if stealing from a sexy stranger wasn't bad enough, Delanie took it a step too far when she fell into bed with him. The intensity of that one night haunts her, as does the coin she stole the morning after. Finding herself face to face with Grant at an exclusive resort Delanie must accept that he's the one man that could not only destroy her career hopes but tear her heart out while doing it.

Grant knew Delanie took his coin and the years of bad luck since that fateful night only convince him further. For years he's searched and now that he has her in his sights he wants his coin, and his luck, back. Now he just has to work out if that's all he wants or if Delanie just might be the answer to all his questions.

Luck Be Delanie is the second story in the Chances Are series by Shelli Stevens. I loved the way Ms. Stevens starts this story out, she drops you right in at a tense moment and hooks you from line one. Delanie is a strong woman who knows her flaws and isn't afraid of them, except when it comes to Grant. That man turns her inside out and it was fun to watch Delanie accept that while not compromising her strengths. Grant is a hunk who can come searching for me any day of the week. His determination to have the answers to his questions while fighting the attraction he still has for Delanie was fun to watch. Neither of them could find steady ground and the constant push and pull of their emotions while they not only sorted out their past but also the here and now had me spellbound to the very end. Luck Be Delanie is another great read from Ms. Stevens and I can't wait to get my hands on the final book in the series.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.