Protecting Phoebe
Having escaped an abusive relationship, Phoebe knows her work at the women's shelter Second Chances is part of the reason she's become the independent confident woman she is. In every aspect of her life she's moved on, except one. Having been burned so badly, Phoebe has removed herself from the dating market completely, so when the young police officer who comes to Second Chances regularly set her heart racing she has to wonder if maybe she's ready to move on there too. But thinking about it and doing it are two different things and Phoebe must learn to trust a man for the first time in years.

Craig Redmond has been lusting after Phoebe for months and when she shows an interest in him he jumps at the chance never expecting things to go so far so fast. When Phoebe's past comes back to haunt her Craig must convince her she can trust him to keep her safe and not just physically but with a madman out to get her they're both running out of time.

Protecting Phoebe is the final book in the Chances Are series by Shelli Stevens. I've loved this series from beginning to end. I love the tense drama of this final story. Phoebe is a tough sell for poor Craig but he's more than man enough for the job. It's hard to get emotional depth weaved into a story of this length but Ms. Stevens delivers, her characters are engaging and there's no shortage of sizzling chemistry either. Craig and Phoebe travel a very rocky road and the added danger of Phoebe's ex heightens the tension further. I couldn't put Protecting Phoebe down and I'm sorry to see the end of this fabulous little series. Maybe someone can convince Ms. Stevens to continue writing about the Second Chances shelter.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.