Redline Lover
Take Me, Lover, Book 1

Retired race car driver Adam Richards knows how to make a finely tuned engine purr, and he's just as good with the ladies. But it's one lady in particular that gets his own motor revving, shame he's not the relationship type. Even if he didn't have secrets to hide, Adam wouldn't know the first thing about love, but he isn't going to pass up a bit of physical loving with one Maggie Parker.

Maggie has spent the last months trying to get over her brief fling with Adam, and now that she's back in town she's hoping to burn him out of her system. So what if the story she's been assigned to write takes a backseat to their fast and furious sex? She'll get her scoop in the end. But Maggie didn't count on falling in love; now she just has to decide if Adam is worth risking everything for.

Redline Lover is a fast, scorching hot read. Adam and Maggie burn up the pages from start to finish. Charlene Teglia delivers in this short story. Ms. Teglia doesn't shortchange any emotion for hot sex either; she weaves the two together in a breath stealing read. The chemistry between Adam and Maggie is explosive, and you'll need a cool drink on hand when you open this story. Redline Lover is well worth getting your hands on.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.