Uncovered is a Hearts of the South story.

For Madeline Holton coming home was never in the plan, but life doesn't always go to plan. Forced to take a temporary position in her hometown sheriff's department, Madeline must not only face her present troubles but the ones from her past as well. A cold case drags up memories of a time she's spent a lifetime trying to forget, but it's the added complication of her own family and the hunky farmer next door that really have her in a spin.

Ash Hardison doesn't need a woman with baggage in his life, but he can't keep away from Madeline no matter how much he tells himself he should. She intrigues him like no other, and he's determined to get under her skin and find out exactly what makes her tick. Ash isn't about to let her push him away. He wants more than just a quick fling, but convincing Madeline they have a future will be the hardest thing he's ever done. Good thing he's up for the challenge.

I've loved all of the previous Hearts of the South books, and Uncovered is another great read. Linda Winfree continues to deliver three dimensional characters that could be living next door. Madeline is the perfect mix of tough and vulnerable. Her deep emotional scars have forced her to build walls to keep everyone at bay. For years she's managed to live without letting anyone close, but then Ash isn't just anyone. He's determined to get beneath that cold exterior because he knows it's just a hard shell Madeline uses to protect herself. The tug of war these two played before giving in to mutual attraction was at times funny, at others frustrating and most of all engaging. Even after giving in to lust the road is a rocky one. I felt for these two, particularly Madeline. She wants to be loved but struggles to accept it when it's offered. Ash is the perfect partner for her, and Ms. Winfree delivers a satisfying emotional read as she explores their developing relationship. Add in the usual Hearts of the South characters and you've got a story you can't put down. Uncovered is definitely not to be missed, and if you're a fan of this wonderful series by Ms. Winfree, you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.