Her Ladyships Companion
Lady Isabella Sterling has suffered at the hands of her husband. She made a mistake when she was young and her brother the Earl married her off. Now five years later her cousin Emes sends her a gift. Lady Isabella is shocked and very tempted by this unique gift. Isabella faces this challenge just like every other challenge in her life. She agrees to give Mr. Rosedale a chance, and she does the one thing you are never to do, she loses her heart. What will she do when Mr. Rosedale leaves?

Mr. Gideon Rosedale is a hired companion for women of wealth. He has a loan, and he just needs lots of money to see his plan come true. He is hired by a Madame Marcear and within a half an hour he was on his way to Scotland and a new client. When he arrives, he thinks it is just strange at some of the terms the Lady of the house issues to him. As the days pass and the passion ignite, Gideon realizes that Isabella is made just for him. What will Gideon do when he has to say good bye?

Evangeline Collins has a fantastic historical romance on her hands with Her Ladyship's Companion. Isabella is a lovely heroine that readers will fight for, and Gideon is the perfect hero that will capture reader's hearts. Ms. Collins takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride like no other. Her Ladyship's Companion is a riveting love story I could not put down. This is an explosive love story and is definitely one for the keeper shelf, and one you do not want to miss. I totally enjoyed Her Ladyship's Companion, and I cannot wait to see what Ms. Collins will come up with next.

Reviewed by: Sonya