Adrianna's Cowboy
Four years ago Sam Blackwood almost gave in to his need to have Adrianna Campbell, and he's regretted it ever since. Now, with their forced closeness he'll do whatever it takes to not only claim her but keep her.

Adrianna has lived with Sam's rejection for years, but her hurt hasn't stopped her from craving him. Returning home she finds their attraction stronger than ever, and it isn't long before they're giving in to the chemistry between them. But is it just the emotion of the moment or is it something lasting?

Adrianna's Cowboy by Savannah Stuart is one hot read. The sizzle between these two characters starts from the first page and doesn't stop. Ms. Stuart has woven their emotions in brilliantly, and you're getting more than just a sexy romp between two people. I found myself invested in Adrianna and Sam, and whether they could find something lasting. It's difficult to deliver a well rounded story at this length, but Ms. Stuart has done it with flare, not leaving any emotion out. If you're looking for an engaging super sexy, hot read you can't go past Adrianna's Cowboy. I'm looking forward to seeing what else Ms. Stuart produces in the future.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.