The First Full Moon
The First Full Moon by Christie Gordon is a homoerotic paranormal story.

Adam awakens from a terrible dream about the death of his family. When Adam's family died in a fire, he was unable to save them leaving him with unresolved grief. Adam was sent to his relatives, but they didn't even try to help him with his grief, leaving him alone, treating him as a servant. Adam has never felt that he really fit in. Adam is friends with Peter and Suzie, but he can't return her feelings and has always been alone. There is a fairy stories about angels and demons that fascinates Peter, and he repeats it at every chance. One evening after leaving Peter's speakeasy, Adam sees an explosion at the beach and dead fishermen laying scattered on the ground near there, and he sees someone caught in the fire on board a boat. All Adam can see is his family, and he vows to not let anyone else die. Adam manages to save one very beautiful man, Necalli, and something strange unfolds within him. Necalli's almost Eastern appearance, clawed hands, razor-like teeth, long dark hair, and feminine appearance awakens feelings in Adam that are not accepted by his people. Necalli has the same feelings for Adam, but he doesn't seem to understand that their feelings aren't acceptable. Necalli doesn't remember anything about his past, only his name and faint occasional glimpses of his past. Adam finally succumbs to his feelings, and he finds in Necalli a love that he never expected. Where does Necalli really come from? Who killed the fisherman and why was Necalli there? Will Adam and Necalli find a way to keep their love alive?

Ms. Gordon has written an incredible tale incorporating stories about mythical beings, ghosts and a mystery that grips the reader from the start. Necalli is a fascinating character full of mystery and emotions that are both human and alien at the same time. It was sad to learn about Adam's past, but beautiful to watch as Adam finally starts to come out of his shell as he begins to place his trust in Necalli. The growing trust and love between Necalli and Adam was beautiful to behold as they learn to accept their differences and trust their feelings. This story is full of suspense, action, and a mystery that holds the reader in suspense from the start. Thanks go to Ms. Gordon for an incredible story.

Reviewed by: Teresa