Paid Holiday
Evan and Stacey used to be together, but they broke up about a year ago. At the time it seemed like the perfect thing but now Stacey can't remember why, as she and Evan are working together. As much as Stacey would rather not work with Evan, it is necessary. They both want the Carpe Amor boutique to work. The boutique sells makeup, lingerie and sex toys.

A couple of Evan and Stacey's potential big clients aren't sure about doing business with them. They will do anything to please the clients, even attend a sex retreat. Stacey and Evan agree to check out this retreat. It will be a sexual adventure of a lifetime, fun, sun, and seven days of pure bliss.

Paid Holiday is exactly why I love Cheryl Dragon books. Evan and Stacey burned and sizzled. If they had gotten any hotter, I would have had to call the fire department. This book had everything from an exotic location, sexy men and women, and a place where you can do anything your heart desires. Let me warn you though that this is not your Grandma's romance novel. The things that Evan and Stacey did together, almost but not quite may me blush with envy. I think I need to take a Paid Holiday myself.

Reviewed by: Cheryl