When Mike Kissed Emma
When Mike Kissed Emma by Christine Marciniak is a romantic young adult story.

Emma has her whole school year planned out. She and her boyfriend Trevor are going to try out for the school musical "The Sound of Music" and get the roles of Liesel and Rolf. Emma can't imagine anything more romantic than to sing "Sixteen Going of Seventeen" to each other. It isn't the biggest role, but the only one she really wants. Things don't start as planned when Emma literally walks into the school bad-boy biker Mike. No one really knows much about him except that he rides a motorcycle to school, has long hair, has a tattoo, and wears a leather jacket; something that the students of St. Stevens high school never do. Mike just doesn't fit in and everyone is surprised when he tries out for the musical. Emma is chosen at the tryouts to act with him and she can't believe the chemistry that crackles between them. Emma's friends Lauren and Caitlyn try and warn Emma to stay away from Mike. Even her brother and younger sister, Josh and Sara, refuse to believe that Mike isn't as bad as his reputation. Everyone is surprised when Emma is chosen for the lead, Maria, against Mike's Captain. Things start to unravel when Emma gets to know Mike better while the rest of the school refuses to accept him. Things between Emma and Trevor change when he spends more time with Sara, who is playing Liesel against his Rolf. What will happen between Emma, Trevor, Mike and Sara? Will the play be a success? Will the school ever accept Mike?

Ms. Marciniak has spun a story that brings me back to my days in high school and theater. The drama, suspense, interpersonal relationship difficulties, and stress are well remembered. The negative treatment that Mike was given by the entire school is unfortunately not that uncommon. Emma accepts what everyone tells her until she begins to look at Mike with open eyes. I loved Mike's family and his younger siblings are just precious in their rambunctious behavior. I felt bad for Mike when the one person, Emma, who was friendly to him didn't back him when things at school spiral out of control. This is a delightful story with all of the growing-up situations that happen to people in high school. I for one enjoyed reading this story. Thanks go to Ms. Marciniak for a delightful trip down memory lane.

Reviewed by: Teresa