Lush Velvet Nights
Adriana Greco has everything going for her. She's beautiful, intelligent and the heiress to a supermarket chain. Unable to find men to excite her sensual side, she feels the need to indulge in escort fantasies for hire. Adriana would have gone through with her purchased weekend of kidnapping and sex if union attorney Nathan Wynn hadn't jumped in, thinking her escort an attacker.

Fumbling with half truths to cover her embarrassment, Adriana is shocked when Nathan asks her to spend the weekend with him instead. Blond and sexy, Nathan embodies a walking dream. When the weekend comes to a close, however, neither want to end the heady intimacy. Adriana is certain Nathan feels just as deeply for her as she does for him, and refuses to give up on him. He's determined not to let the sensual woman mean anything more than no strings attached sex, but he's quickly learning that he can no more let her go than he can stop breathing.

Lush Velvet Nights is a delectable tale of one couple's journey into the kinkier side of sex. Nathan's determined to keep his heart far removed from Adriana. He knows what it's like to love and lose. The pain of one broken marriage has him swearing off ever loving again, and he reminds Adriana often how he isn't the man for her. Adriana in all her tenacity refuses to believe he's anything other than the man she chooses to see. Eager to explore his darker sexuality with him, refusing to be shocked by any of his desires, she's the perfect woman for his walled-off heart.

A wonderfully engaging read to heat up any night, Lush Velvet Nights is a winner.

Reviewed by: Bella