From Afar
Vampire Raphael Laurent has been watching Lord Aleric Vane, a wastrel minor son of a duke, for three years. Since becoming a vampire, Raphael has endured loneliness and misery, unable to come to terms with the change that made him into a creature of the night. His unrequited lust for Aleric has been the one thing to brighten his existence, and one night, when Aleric is mugged and stabbed, Raphael faces an agonising decision-to make Aleric a vampire or watch him bleed to death.

Aleric is disenchanted with his meaningless life and his endless debts. Though his father offered him a decent living as a curate, Aleric has too much pride to go crawling back to that stuffy, aristocratic lifestyle. When he wakes to discover that he's a vampire, Aleric decides to grasp his new life with both hands. But first, Raphael must introduce Aleric to Katerina, the leader of the London vampire clan-and since Raphael broke the rules in order to save Aleric, it's Katerina's ultimate decision as to whether Aleric will live or die...

From Afar is a lush novella full of wonderful descriptions that evoke both time and place, from the clothing worn by the protagonists to the streets of Regency London. The sensual prose breathes life into what could have been a mundane rendering of a clichéd plot, and while the storyline is simple, it's told in a way that transports the reader and involves them fully in the world. If you're looking for a vampire story with a difference, you won't regret reading From Afar.

Reviewed by: Maija