Prosper is stunned when she's chosen from the ballet corps to dance the lead role in Jackson's upcoming rendition of The Firebird. Jackson is intense and fiercely demanding of her during practice but she's up for the job and will only be satisfied with perfection.

On a whim, she answers a BDSM ad in the paper, from a dominant seeking a no strings attached encounter. When the Dom turns out to be none other than Jackson himself, she's fearful - not only of what the other dancers will say if they find out but that a sexual relationship would ruin the professional one they already have.

Jackson's fantasized about taking Prosper home and dominating her, but he fears the quietly determined dancer would run the moment he confesses his proclivities. Unbeknownst to him, Prosper's already had her own fantasies of being over Jackson's lap and their coming together in a D/s dynamic wouldn't be so farfetched for either of them. Soon, their encounter becomes a torrid affair, and even though Jackson needs to return to Chicago soon, he can't bear to part with her. Once his job in New York is done, will he be able to leave Prosper behind? Will he even want to? And should he want her in his life more permanently, is this something that Prosper yearns for as well or is Jackson just a momentary fling?

From the first scene of this story, the reader is able to glimpse the depth of the relationship that will be between Prosper and Jackson: intense, edgy, and shiver-inducing. This scene grabbed a hold of my nerve endings with a frisson of excitement and didn't let go until the very last page. Jackson's fiery dominance of Prosper was delicious. It was apparent whether they were in dance practice or whether they were alone.

Prosper is a character that any woman could root for and love. Coming from a less than supportive background, she struggles in the world but does not let the challenges of the day defeat her. After being selected lead for the ballet, Prosper's despised by the other dancers, and even more so as she doesn't play into the political games the rest ascribe to.

Jackson's experienced dominance makes him attractive and sensual immediately, and his fierce protectiveness of Prosper is thoroughly arousing. The chemistry between this couple is off the charts and their emotional depth so compelling. I found myself early on wondering how they were going to make this work after Jackson went back to Chicago, dreading any possible outcome that would make them only a Happily For Now.

The secondary characters in this story are wonderfully realistic, the intensity and suspense of the secondary plot gripping. All elements of the story serve to magnetically entertain and arouse and clamor for more. A sure-fire win and thoroughly recommended to any who love erotic romance and the love to be found within D/s.

Reviewed by: Bella