Power Struggle
After spraining her ankle badly, Tori finds herself in an urgent care clinic under the care of a delicious, but much younger, doctor Dev. As a vice president of her company, she spends her days being dominant. She's just looking for someone to take control in the evenings. After only a few dates, Dev seems to be just the dominant for her, without even realizing he is dominant. But then she confesses her desire for pain at times, and Dev recoils, unable to get past the idea that spanking is abuse. It's clear that each sees in the other much more than a casual fling. Both want to move forward in their relationship but the power struggle is an issue that's stopped them dead in their tracks. Will they be able to move past this giant hurdle and find a compromise or will their relationship end before it's even begun?

I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved Power Struggle! I loved the dynamic between Tori and Dev. Even though the age difference was an issue in their relationship, it was clear that their attraction overruled whatever problems or concerns that provoked. Dev has always wanted to take control in his relationships, so he's proven to be a natural Alpha male. But even with his peripheral knowledge of BDSM it terrifies him. Due to deep-seated education, he likens any sort of rough play or corporal discipline to be abusive and wrong. This is a giant hurdle for him, having to relearn that consensual discipline that is desired by both parties is all right, that there is a difference between hurting someone and harming them.

Tori is a wonderful heroine. She knows what she wants in a relationship. She craves the kink of some BDSM play, but knows when that deep emotional bond should override everything else. She's fought her desires of sensual pain in the past and has come to terms with who she is, but I was able to see how it's still a delicate subject for her, especially when approaching someone new. There's a scene in the story where Tori is thoroughly upset about something in her work life, and Dev just seems to know what she needs in that moment. He acts, albeit thoroughly in control, without much thinking. That was the turning point for me. At that moment, I knew that he was not only a dominant, but a natural one at that. I found myself floating just as much as Tori was!

Power Struggle is a thoroughly emotionally engaging, scorchingly sexy, deliciously kinky story and highly recommended to all readers, especially those yearning for a great BDSM read.

Reviewed by: Bella