A Taste of Love
A Taste of Love by Andrew Grey is a homoerotic contemporary romance.

Darryl loves his hometown of Carlisle, Pennsylvania from the people, the beautiful buildings, to the historical significance, but what he loves the most in his restaurant, Café Belgie. He put his heart and soul into it to the deprivation of an outside life. Right now the only problem is Sebastian, a waiter who gets very dramatic making everyone's life miserable. After an especially busy lunch, Darryl agreed that they could use another part-time waiter and when a young man, Billy, entered looking for a job, Darryl decides to him a try. Billy desperately needs a job and is ecstatic when Darryl hires him. Darryl can't get Billy off his mind and he knows not to get involved with someone at work, but there seems more to it than meets the eye. Darryl sees Billy walk off with a take-out container and followed, planning on firing him, but what he found shamed him. Billy was taking the leftover food to feed his little brothers, Davey and Donnie. Darryl decides to help Billy take care of his brothers, but can they have more than friendship between them? Will Billy and his brothers find the home they are looking for?

Mr. Grey has written a heartrending story about love and the human strength to go on in spite of seemingly insurmountable odds. Billy was willing to fight to care for and protect his brothers, but sometimes everyone needs a helping hand. Darryl was saddened when he learned about Billy's situation, but his determination to help them showed what a considerate and loving man he was. I enjoyed watching all the antics that Davey and Donnie got into at the restaurant while Billy was working. Their irrepressible, playful behavior brought fun and wonder to the story. As the story unfolded I never knew what to expect next as I was entranced by the lives of the characters. As usual, Mr. Grey's stories never fail to grip the heart of the reader from the very start to the bitter end. I can't wait to read more of Mr. Grey's books.

Reviewed by: Teresa