The Prince's Knight
The Prince's Knight by Rachel D. Thompson is the first book in the Royal Guards series.

Aric has performed his duties as a knight admirably and what has it got him but, injured and now chosen as a glorified babysitter to the spoiled prince of the kingdom, Prince Matthew. The first time he sees Prince Matthew Aric sees Queen Brianna's beauty in him, but his supercilious attitude leaves much to be desired until he sees a brief look in his eyes showing his unhappiness spurring his attraction which he knows is impossible. Prince Matthew's superior attitude towards Aric makes their initial meeting difficult, but Aric gives as good as he gets leaving Matthew stunned, surprised, intrigued, and captivated. Everyone allows his behavior, but Aric seems to see beyond his being the prince. Matthew learns that his father is traveling to the front to personally assess the fighting, but he is leaving Matthew behind and safe. Infuriated, Matthew sneaks out and Aric awakens to the knowledge that Matthew has followed his father. In spite of his injury, Aric follows him in time to save the prince, gaining the king's request to protect his son. Things spiral out of control when the king falls leaving Matthew next in line before he is ready. It is up to Aric and Queen Brianna to guide and protect Matthew, but what about what he wants? Does Matthew need to decide between his desires and the needs of the kingdom before tragedy strikes again?

Ms. Thompson has written a fast-paced story with real-to-life characters. Matthew on the surface appears very superficial, but in reality he is just like any sheltered child who has never seen the dangers in the world. Aric has been through hell with his injury, but he never expected that his new assignment would test not only his knightly skills, but also his very soul. Many people have their lives mapped out like Matthew, but the way Matthew steps up to his responsibility is admirable. Aric's ability to see past Matthew's title to see and accept who is truly was is inspiring. Watching Aric and Matthew's relationship grow and their need to protect each other was beautiful. I can't wait to read the next book in the Royal Guards series.

Reviewed by: Teresa