Sunset Knight
After years of lusting for Brody Nash an unexpected kiss leads Lana Green to believe she's not as invisible as she once believed where this home town bad boy is concerned. But seducing a man is something Lana has never done and acting on her lust will either be her biggest dream come true or her worst nightmare.

Brody can't take his eyes off the sexy woman Lana has become. He isn't staying in town long, but the thought of getting his hands on Lana won't leave him alone even though she's not a short fling kind of girl. Discovering her in his bed leads to a hot encounter, and the one thing Brody never expected. He may have taken her virginity, but Lana has stolen something far more valuable-a piece of his heart.

Sunset Knight by Sami Lee is a great read. Ms. Lee gets right into the hearts and minds of her two characters and brings them to life in front of your eyes. Brody is one smoking hot guy, and I've been waiting for his story since reading Chasing Sunset. Ms. Lee didn't disappoint me at all with this story of good girl meets bad boy. The sex sizzles, but this isn't just about hot sex, no, Ms. Lee takes us right into the guts of the relationship between Lana and Brody. Delving deep into what makes Brody the man he is, we're treated to a real look at real people who appear to be polar opposites making it work. Don't get me wrong, this isn't some fairy tale where boy meets girl and live happily ever after. Sunset Knight delivers a roller coaster ride of emotions well worth reading. I'm more than looking forward to Ms. Lee's next offering.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.