Seducing The Sheriff
Thwarting her mother's plans for a marriage that would bring acceptance into Boston's polite society, Starlight Tyler ran away back home to Texas. Now, in order to prevent being dragged back to Boston, she needs to keep her "fiancÚ," her mother and Pinkerton's finest at bay. Cordero Tate was the object of her schoolgirl crush and in the four years she's been gone, he's grown up and become the Sheriff. Star realises that Cord's the answer to all her problems, if she can seduce him into marrying her, and quickly...

Marie-Nicole Ryan's Seducing The Sheriff is a terrific, erotic, western historical! Star is passionate, strong, independent, and knows what she wants. Cord is a devilishly handsome, sexy, Alpha hero. Now that Star's back in his life, he's determined to both protect and fight for her. Cord and Star make a wonderful, passionate couple; she pushes all of his buttons, and then some. Cord's one of my favourite kinds of hero - despite how much he wants Star, he resists and resists before tumbling and acknowledging what his heart's been telling him all along. Marie-Nicole Ryan blends an authentic historical setting, adventure, suspense, love and erotic romance, to create this thoroughly enjoyable tale.

Reviewed by: Kara