Ice Cream on the Side
Ice Cream on the Side by Wren Boudreau is a contemporary homoerotic romance.

Dylan Forest has a very successful architectural firm with very loyal and understanding staff. Dylan has a belief that most men are like ice cream to be enjoyed for the moment but no longer. Ian, an old lover of Dylan's, called asking if Dylan would come to a viewing of his work, but he asks to see if they can get together earlier. Dylan agrees, but he has no idea what Ian could want. Dylan's staff is very supportive of his personal and professional life. Only one woman, Betsy, ever made a play for him, but she understood when he told her of his preferences; she even followed him when he opened his own firm. Dylan went to a meeting at Roswell Burns Academy, where his firm is breaking ground for a new arts building, and he meets the new arts teacher, Michael Gilmore, the most handsome man that he has ever seen. They miss each other at the end of the meeting, but Dylan is determined to get to know Michael better. Soon he gets his chance, and they quickly realize their feelings are mutual. Days later they meet for a date where their attraction almost gets out of control freaking Michael out. He just got out of a relationship, and he doesn't want to make another mistake. Will Michael give their budding feelings a chance to grow? What does Ian want to talk to Dylan about? Is everyone exactly what they seem to be?

Wren Boudreau has created a story with an unexpected plot line that took me by surprise. I loved how Dylan used the description of men and ice cream to explain his relationships. It was wonderful to watch the growing relationship between Dylan and Michael as they were willing to put everything on the line, even their every lives, to stay together. As the mystery unfolded, I wasn't able to put the book down until the very end. The plot was well thought out and very fast paced as the characters under go danger to their lives, but if Dylan and Michael can hold on to their love for each other they just may find a love for all time. Thanks go to Wren Boudreau for an incredible story.

Reviewed by: Teresa