Dance for Three
When Talitha shows up at a line dancing class, she's embarrassed to realize her simple, casual attire is no match for the slinky, sexy clothes the other ladies are wearing. Hoping to make an escape she runs in to Jared and Nathan, partners hoping to learn to dance for a cousin's wedding.

Later the men ask Talitha out for coffee, then for a night of pleasure at their home. Soon, one night turns into several, and Talitha finds herself craving these men completely. But she knows this dance for three is only temporary. Or is it?

There's something compelling about a seemingly gay male couple taking a woman as their third. This couple adds delicious romance to their seduction of Talitha with soft candlelight, music and gentle loving. It was as if she was the most beautiful treasure and they were her caretakers. I was swept away on this tide of sensuality. Not usually into the m/m stories, I was a little unnerved by the men calling each other "honey", but was quickly enamored of their gentle but firm command over Talitha. Readers will enjoy this sexy, short read.

Reviewed by: Bella