Deep in the Woods
When Dave went to his first munch in Atlanta, he never expected to meet a woman who allures him so completely. Sophie has just reemerged from a bad D/s relationship and has shown up at the munch as well. Many of the Doms and subs in attendance believe that her misfortunes were her own fault, but Dave still wants to know more.

Later he meets her at a BDSM club, and while many past memories continue to plague her, she begins a new relationship with this gentle, loving sadist. She's plagued by nightmares and seeing a therapist doesn't seem to resolve the past. Events are locked into the recesses of her mind, events that if unlocked may be detrimental to her very life. Sophie returns to the woods time and time again in hopes of remembering before it's too late.

Deep in the Woods is a deliciously dark, incredibly intense story. Sophie is an amazing heroine to root for. She's got grace, intelligent and beauty, and has suffered through a horrid relationship with an abusive guy, an experience that no one should have to endure. Even in the midst of her healing, she's able to love again and takes Dave as her newest love. Dave is wonderfully sane, yet at the same time wickedly dominant in his mastery over Sophie. He's intuitive enough to know when to punish and when to let a word or behavior slide, when to be forceful and when to be loving. There are many out there who wouldn't remain with someone so bruised and battered as they heal from their past. Because Dave does, this makes him all the more attractive. The dynamic between this couple is electrifying, their sex and play scenes mouthwatering. Combined with the suspense from Sophie's past and the delicious play with Dave's best friend, Deep in the Woods is rip roaring roller coaster read and a sure success. Brava to Annabel Joseph for an amazing read.

Reviewed by: Bella