Miranda's Misconduct
Miranda Kelsey is a workaholic attorney who's elegant, successful... and lonely. Seeking to fulfill a longtime fantasy she propositions a hotel bartender and asks if he'd help her fulfill her desires of engaging in a m/f/m ménage a trois. He's more than happy to comply, and after they arrive at a friend's home, the night is full of sensual delights. Unwilling to share even her first name, Miranda sneaks out before the gentlemen awaken; even though the bartender shares his desire to get to know her once the night is through. Will she be able to forget the handsome "Blondie" and go back to her everyday life?

If you're looking for a somewhat short, smoking hot read to pass away a sultry summer night, Miranda's Misconduct is just for you. Miranda is on the surface cool and in control. But inside, she's a siren just waiting to let go. "Blondie" and "Nick" are perfect compliments to each other, one fair, the other dark, one easygoing, the other intense and almost dangerous. I enjoyed how "Blondie", AKA Mark, wasn't willing to give up on Miranda so easily. I wasn't sure how the story would find its HEA but cleverly, it was able to do so, and in spades. This was my first read by Ali Atwood, but I doubt it will be my last!

Reviewed by: Bella