Scent of Persuasion
Kami Evans was determined to prove that her stepbrother did not commit suicide. The police refused to believe her when the evidence pointed otherwise, so Kami decided to put in a good use of her acting skills by going undercover at Madame V's mansion - the place where the last person who saw her stepbrother worked. Kami's first assignment was to seduce a CEO and steal his hairbrush. Easy, right? Wrong! Not only did Kami manage to get the hairbrush, but she also ended up spending a very passionate in bed with Breck Lawson.

FBI Agent Breck Lawson was determined to discover who tried to kill his best friend and the best way to do that was to go undercover as the new CEO of his company. Things were at a stand still with no clues on the horizon until Kami Evans, from an escort service, entered his life. Not only did she turn him on just by breathing, but she also was investigating the same thing as he. With danger just around the corner, will Breck and Kami be able to solve the case before it claims their lives?

Wow! Nikki Duncan's Scent of Persuasion was a fabulous read! This non-stop action, thrilling suspense tale had me biting my nails with great anticipation until the dramatic conclusion made its appearance. Breck was H-O-T, challenging, desirable and very charming. Likewise, Kami was strong-willed, smart and sexy. In essence they were the perfect pair. I found myself blushing on numerous occasions during their very passionate love scenes and then in the very next moment taking a lung full of air as Breck and Kami embarked upon countless dangerous situations. I am so thrilled to have discovered Ms. Duncan's Sensory Ops series. This is one recommended saga not to be missed!

Scent of Persuasion is book two in Nikki Duncan's Sensory Ops series and can be read as a standalone.

Reviewed by: Contessa