A Strangers Touch
Red is a prostitute. When he is given an assignment by his pimp and lover, Robbie, he doesn't hesitate to go. But this is no ordinary assignment. His unusual client will teach Red more than he ever knew about love, lust, and himself.

I love Anne Brooke but find myself rather torn on what to say about A Strangers Touch. I hate to give it such a low rating but feel that I honestly have to because I just did not enjoy the story. The writing was up to Ms. Brooke's usual standards, meaning excellent, but the story itself did nothing for me. I understand what she was trying to do. I see the deeper meaning behind the story, and how the strangers touch was supposed to be showing Red that it was okay for him to be who he is and enjoy the touch of strangers. I see that Red needed to fully accept that he was the way he was and that it was okay for him to be that way. I think that the story fell apart for me because it was just too short to do the plot justice. It really needed a bit more length to allow Red to further explore his relationship with Robbie as well as delve a bit deeper into his own psyche. I may have missed the boat completely with this one, but I just found it not to my taste. I will certainly read more by Ms. Brooke as she is a fabulous author.

Reviewed by: Hayley