Martin and the Wolf
Martin meets Lucas at a former neighbor's midsummer party and the attraction is instantaneous. So much so that Martin finds himself involved in a puzzling kind of relationship with the mysterious Lucas immediately. Lucas is bossy, hairy, and moody, unlike anyone Martin has ever been involved with before. But it isn't until Lucas' secrets are revealed that Martin discovers just how unalike Lucas is from others, a truth that Martin will have to accept if he truly loves Lucas.

Martin and the Wolf was an interesting story. I enjoyed the general idea of the story, it was a fresh take on the typical werewolf angle, but at times it felt a bit disjointed to me. Neither Martin nor Lucas were very three dimensional. Often they just felt a bit flat, or in Lucas' case, just snarly. The sensual scenes also seemed to lack spice for me. Sure, they were well written but they just felt like words on the page not the usual experience that Ms. Brooke delivers. On the whole I was left dissatisfied despite the inventiveness of the plot.

Reviewed by: Hayley