A Pirate's Legacy
A Pirates Legacy by Amelia June is a charming story about a brilliant, young Professor of Archaeology at UC Berkley, whose controversial claim that there were pirates in the South Pacific over two hundred years ago is drawing a lot of attention. Sinclaire Daves knows she's right, because from the age of fifteen she has been dreaming of Captain Rebekah Bonny aka: Captain Thinking John Little, and her ship the Love's Alchemy. Sworn off of men since the break-up of her last disastrous relationship, Sinclaire has thrown herself into her work, determined to prove that not only were there pirates in the South Pacific, but a female pirate to boot. When hot graduate student Cole Rackham arrives on the scene, her best friend Gina encourages her to test the waters once more, but is Cole as perfect as he seems? There is definitely no denying the physical attraction between the two, but odd and slightly sinister events start to occur that puzzle and worry Sinclaire.

Once Sinclaire arrives at the island of Isla Luz, with Cole safely back in California, she finds she has other things to worry about, like why the very sexy local guide and hotel owner seems to hate her. Adrian Santos has lived on Isla Luz most of his life, and while he can't deny the strong physical attraction to the new archaeologist, and the strange psychic connection they seem to share, he is determined to protect his people and the island from exploitation. Both Sinclaire and Adrian have secrets they're not willing to share, but will those secrets bring them closer together, or tear them apart? When Cole suddenly appears on the island, Sinclaire is faced with some difficult choices, but with a little help from a pirate queen, she just might live long enough to make them!

Ms. June has crafted a well written story full of intrigue and suspense. I did shake my head a little at the na´vetÚ of the heroine, but the behavior was completely in keeping with the character. The love scenes were definitely steamy, but not over the top, and fit the story perfectly. Ms. June incorporates a well rounded cast of characters into an intriguing story that Erotic/Paranormal fans will enjoy. The story flows well, with smooth transitions, and personable, but human characters. A Pirate's Legacy is a thoroughly enjoyable read, and I hope to see more by this author in the future.

Reviewed by: Michelle R.