Jude in Chains
Jude in Chains by K. Z. Snow is a contemporary romance.

Misha, also known as Mick, is a man on a mission. As a journalist, Misha is determined to uncover what is going on at the Stronger Wings camp where gay men go to gain help to change their sexual orientation. Ever since his ex-lover Robbie abandoned him for the straight side of life, Misha is resolved to save other men from being forced into denying their true selves. Misha has lived on the wild side ever since, but he has been left feeling strangely unfulfilled. Misha's signs up for a conference at Stronger Wings, and he finds the facility set up for what is considered for masculine pursuits with staff who appear nondescript. What Misha never expected to see was Jude, a man from his past that he never forgot. Misha and Jude met at a wedding and their attraction was instantaneous. Misha remembers every minute they spent together and their kiss lived within his memory. Why is Jude at Stronger Wings? Will Misha get a second chance with Jude before it is too late?

K. Z. Snow has written an incredible story revolving around the difficult issue of society's willingness to accept people with a different sexual preference. The idea of preparative therapy is very controversial between people from both sides of the issue. Like many people, Misha believes that he was born gay, but his family has always loved and accepted him. Jude's life was filled with disappointment and disgust from the very people, his family, who should have loved him leading him to doubt his choices and led him to Stronger Wings. What he finds at Stronger Wings was not what he expected. One character that I particularly loved was Ashton. His humor, laughter, loving personality and self doubts brought him to life and encapsulated the enter issue and how preparative therapy can affect the people it is supposed to help. I was saddened to watch how the staff, graduated of the program, appeared lifeless without having any real joy in life. Thanks go to K. Z. Snow for an awe inspiring story.

Reviewed by: Teresa