The Obsession
The Obsession by Christie Gordon is a contemporary homoerotic romance.

Tristan has been called a freak for as long he can remember until he finally believed it. Growing up in a deeply Mormon town and being gay made Tristan feel all alone without any friends. Tristan kept his feelings to himself until his kissing a boy ended up with him getting beaten up. Even his mother verbally and physically abused him in the guise of turning him towards God. This caused Tristan to become sexually repressed, and the only way he could deal with problems in his life was to masturbate to calm himself. This behavior became an obsession continuing at college where he remained isolated and alone. Tristan has a crush on Collin, a class mate, but he doesn't think that Collin would ever be interested in him, a freak. One day Tristan gets the surprise of his life when he finds out that Collin is his new roommate and that Collin is interested in learning more about him. As Tristan and Collin get to know one another, Collin tells Tristan that he is a psychology major, and he feels that he can help him. Things get hot and heavy between them, but Tristan feels that something just isn't right, even as he opens himself up as his love for Collin blossoms. Are Tristan's reservations correct, or is Collin just as he represents himself? Will Tristan finally overcome his problems and find the love and acceptance that he is looking for?

Ms. Gordon has created an incredible story about one mans fight to overcome an addiction and find the love he is looking for. I was drawn into Tristan's story as his past was unveiled showing all the obstacles he has had to overcome in his life. I began to understand how his past influenced his life, and I was truly impressed that he still has the ability to trust in spite of his past. Collin on the surface appears to want to help Tristan, but his actions and refusal to tell Tristan anything makes Tristan and the reader wonder what he really wanted. The scenes where Tristan and Collin come together are very hot as they explore their new sexual relationship. Thanks go to Ms. Gordon for a wonderful story.

Reviewed by: Teresa