Sterling Gold
Sterling Gold is the second book in the Unbreakable Bonds series.

Sterling Gold loves his older brother Blythe. He has always been there for him; he puts Sterling before him in every way and has always done everything in his power to make Sterling happy. But Sterling knows that his love for Blythe has crossed the boundaries of brotherly love into something forbidden by society. In an effort to distance himself from Blythe and his inappropriate feelings he has even transferred universities, moved to another state, and done everything he can think of to move beyond these inappropriate feelings.

Blythe Gold loves his little brother Sterling. He has known for a long time that there is only one man that he loves...and that man is Sterling. But he also knows that they can never be together and has hidden the depth of his love. Until one night of shared passion with the Grey brothers shows Blythe that his feelings may be returned and a whole realm of possibilities opens before him. But, only if he can be brave enough to cross the boundaries keeping him from the man he loves.

In Sterling Gold we get a more in-depth picture of Blythe and Sterling Gold, they are the friends of the Grey brothers found in the previous book Brothers Without Borders. Sterling Gold is a bit less angst ridden than Brothers Without Borders and while very similar in nature still managed to hold my attention. This is a sweet little story about how love crosses boundaries and how sometimes you just have to let love lead you where it will, even if it's forbidden. While both Blythe and Sterling were darlings they didn't garner my affection the way that Avery and Hunter had previously and that detracted from my enjoyment of the story. I hope that we will be granted a third book in this series to see where the four lovers are in a few years. I hope that the plans discussed at the ending will be carried out and maybe the two sets of brothers can find happiness.

Reviewed by: Hayley