The Glass Man
The Glass Man by M. Raiya is a homoerotic sci-fi story.

Zalen and some of his family, the Royal family, were lucky to escape their home world, when it was invaded, with the help of a few loyal retainers. They were hidden on a refugee ship bound for the planet Mirandt known for its sex slave business. For a year they labored in the fields, one of the only jobs they could get and hide their identities. Zalen is determined to get enough money to get his family off of this forsaken world, but the only other job available is to sign himself up to be a sex slave. Zalen knows that if he agrees to take the lob he has at least few more options. Zalen agrees, but he gets no offers until he agrees to anything short of death. After Zalen starts, he soon learns that caring and emotions are more detrimental to him than anything the public or his own family have to say. When Zalen begins to withdraw from the world he finds peace in the quiet, but is there someone who cares enough to save Zalen from himself?

M. Raiya has created a story about the emotional and physical hardships surrounding the sex trades that are similar to the problems in today's society. All Zalen wanted to do was protect his family, but even when they turned away from them he continued to help his brothers. The variety of clients that purchased Zalen was interesting especially the lord who never treated Zalen as a sex slave. Zalen found the lord fascinating, but he thought that the difference in their stations could never be overcome. I was fascinated by who exactly came to Zalen's rescue, but to learn more you need to read The Glass Man by M. Raiya.

Reviewed by: Teresa