For the Love of Anna
Anna made a promise to her dying mother that she would take care of her father, and for years that's exactly what she's done. She works double shifts with no time off for herself, all for an abusive man who wastes her hard-earned money on booze and gambling. When she is attacked in her home by men who plan to prostitute her to pay off her father's gambling debt, she prays he will make it home in time to save her. What she gets is a stumbling drunk who, not only doesn't help, but also gives his blessing to the thugs to use her. With the promise of getting more money for them, Anna manages to run and she doesn't stop running until she arrives at her friend's home in Pearl. Grateful for safety and the opportunity to heal, she is unprepared for the triple threat of the Cantrell brothers or for the feelings they evoke.

Like their parents before them, Brothers Wyatt, Ben and Charlie Cantrell hope to find the one woman who completes them and make her their wife. From the moment they set eyes on a battered Anna, they badly want her to be the one, however she won't be easy to convince. She's terrified of men after her near rape and that includes the three of them. They're prepared to take their time to win her trust, but will trust bring love?

For the Love of Anna was my kind of story. There's just something about a tale of brothers looking for one wife to share that just does it for me. Perhaps if I took the time to analyze why that is, I might be a little concerned, but I really don't care. It's hot and there's just something so sweet about brothers who are so close that they want to share a family. All three men in this story had something different to offer and I loved them all. Charlie had patience and kindness, Ben was confident and flirtatious and Wyatt was protective. They scored major brownie points by giving Anna the time to heal and pampering her as much as she let them get away with. Anna was a good person who had put her whole life on hold for a man who could care less about her, and for that alone, she deserved to have all three of them to love her and treat her right. I truly ran the gamut of emotions with this story and was still feeling it a while after I had finished. It was a top-notch read that once picked up was hard to set down and well worth the time.

Reviewed by: Tara