Winter Fire
Rachel and Jackson have known for years that they were made for each other, but his unbreakable rule to not date his sister's friends is forever keeping them apart. As Rachel is steeling herself for seeing him for the first time in two years, she decides to take a hot stranger up on his offer for sex with the hopes that it will take the edge off her desire for Jackson. But Garreth picks up on her feelings for Jackson and decides to bring him into a little fantasy play during sex. Just the thought of Jackson in bed with them is enough to make Rachel crazy with desire and by the time she sees him the next day, she wants him more than ever. Too bad the fantasy can never come true. Or can it?

I have never read Jess Dee before and I was pleasantly surprised. Winter Fire was totally hot and I loved every minute of it. The story of star-crossed lovers Jackson and Rachel managed to pull at my heartstrings while also frustrating the hell out of me. I didn't understand why they felt the need to stick to a rule made as teenagers when they were clearly supposed to be together. Why on earth they chose to suffer without each other when all they needed to do was talk to Jackson's sister was beyond me. That being said, I loved Rachel and Jackson and I could truly feel the emotion between the two of them. Garreth was an excellent addition and the lengths he went to in bringing them together made him my hero. His own ill-fated love story was mentioned and I'm very anxious to read his happy ever after. If you're looking for a short, steamy read, Winter Fire is a perfect fit.

Reviewed by: Tara