Aimee's Locket
Aimee Reynolds has a first love and that is antiques, her favorite being ivory lockets. When she and her sister, Sara, enter an antique store, she is intrigued by a locket. After purchasing it, they leave the shop when Aimee begins feeling strange. Suddenly swarmed by dizziness, Aimee discovers she is no longer with Sara, but rather in a western town. When Jake Marshall first notices Aimee, it was as if she appeared out of nowhere. He mistakes her for a lady of the evening. She considers him lowlife scum especially when he mistakes her for a whore. At the moment, Jake is the only one she can turn to for help. As a scout, for the Markham Party, Jakes often scouts for emigrant trains headed to the Oregon territory. Aimee insists Jake take her with him. The only way that will happen is to marry, and then once they arrive, they can divorce. Jake wants a family, a home, and a wife, but Aimee is nothing like the woman he wants, or is she? She insists he stick to the agreement and grant her a divorce. On one condition, he wants a son. They both irate each other to no end, and wonder will they even make the trip without killing the other. Through much tribulation, they discover a longing never felt before. Will the trip bring them closer or will Aimee demand her divorce?

I positively love this story. Aimee's Locket is almost like entering a real world as Aimee and Jake open up their heart to the reader. The way they banter with each other, with quick dialogue, and wit, incorporating just the right amount of charm, keeps the reader consumed in this incredibly wonderful read. From the first page to the last, it is absorbing and realistic, with life-like characters that leap into the reader's heart and take them on an adventure of their life. I felt as if I was right there with Aimee and Jake. Their wide-range of emotions, and expressions, were priceless. Just reading about Aimee as she tried to adjust to the time period change, not to mention trying to wear the corset, creates an astonishing read quite realistic. P. L. Parker creates an uplifting tear-jerker, and heartfelt book, truly precious beyond words. Even her secondary characters are interesting and hard to forget.

Reviewed by: Linda L.