With No Remorse
After almost dying from a gut shot in El Salvador, Black Ops, Inc operative, Luke "Doc Holliday" Colter has been concerned that he's lost his nerve for the job. He's spent two weeks traveling from one Quechua village to another while trying to figure out what he should do with his life. Although dog dead tired and in need of another week off, Luke is on a train traveling through the Peruvian Andes on his way back to Buenos Aires where his job is waiting.

When armed robbers hold up the train, Luke quickly realizes that it's not an ordinary robbery. The men seem more interested in looking for someone than getting money from the passengers and it appears that the person they are looking for is sitting right across from Luke.

Luke soon finds himself on the run with none other than supermodel Valentina, the center of his boyhood crush. While the two try to discover who's targeting Valentina, the pair will be pushed to their limits just trying to stay alive.

With No Remorse is the sixth book in author Cindy Gerard's action filled Black Ops, Inc series.

Ms. Gerard flawlessly combines action, adventure, suspense and romance into a sizzling hot escapade that's impossible to put down. Luke is a tough, brave man who is shaken after almost dying and questioning his ability to put the fear away in order to do his job. So when his life as well as Valentina's is put in danger he must face his doubts or die trying. Valentina is a sassy, independent woman who has been taken care of most of her life. She was in hiding due to a public scandal with her ex-husband and is now on the run with the handsome Luke, giving her a chance to see exactly what she's made of.

This fast-paced, tension filled tale has everything a readers could ask for and more; an intriguing plot, passionate, dynamic characters and a red-hot romance that gives the story a heart and soul that's the trademark of Cindy Gerard's books.

With No Remorse is a book that I highly recommend and think should be at the top of every romantic suspense lovers summer reading list!

Reviewed by: Tammy