Black Heart Down
Black Heart Down by S.J. Frost is the third book in the Conquest series.

Ever since they met in high school, it has always been Robbie and Kyler against the world. Robbie never imagined himself as a rock star and he followed Kyler to form their band Black Heart down, BHD. Robbie was the happiest when they first started out living together in a small little apartment barely making ends meet. Things changed when they hit it big and Robbie wanted a chance to date other men, changing their relationship. Now, Kyler continues see other people and flirt, while Robbie is ready to settle down. Kyler always comes back, but Robbie isn't sure how much longer he can take the heartbreak Things get worse when their guitar player breaks his wrist causing them to put a hold on their upcoming tour. Robbie and Kyler use their free time to work on their relationship, until Kyler's flirting is the last straw for Robbie. He goes to meet with a rival band, Conquest, to see if they need another member. Jesse and Evan, from Conquest, encourage him to talk to Kyler, but in the end, Robbie leaves Kyler and BHD for good. Will Kyler ever realize what is most important to him and if he does, will Robbie give him another chance?

Ms. Frost has continued her spellbinding series Conquest with this incredible story. I was drawn into Robbie's story as it unfolded giving insight into his feelings for Kyler and his heartbreak over their relationship. Kyler doesn't understand how his behavior was affecting Robbie because he was using it as a smokescreen to keep their true relationship hidden from the world. I loved how Jesse and Evan use their past conflicts to try and help Robbie and Kyler to overcome their problems. It was incredible to read how Jesse's crazy schemes and manipulations unfold around Robbie and Kyler. The love between them was beautiful, and sad, to read as their separation occurred . The reader learned about their hidden feelings and how their past was influencing their reactions. I fell in love with Robbie and Kyler as their story developed and it held me spellbound until the very last word. I hope that this isn't the end of Robbie and Kyler's story.

Reviewed by: Teresa