Conquest by S.J. Frost is a contemporary homoerotic romance and the first book in the Conquest series.

Jesse hasn't gotten along with his Dad for as long as he can remember. Thank god his brother Brandon has always been there for him, to step in, when their father got out of line. Things got worse when their Dad realized that he was gay and tossed him out. Jesse was already planning on moving in with Brandon, but it still hurt. Jesse is determined to follow his dream of becoming a great musician following in the footsteps of his favorite singer Evan Arden. Jesse's friend Kenny plays incredible guitar; if they could only find other members as serious as they are to join their band Conquest.

Evan has returned from his world trip, after he virtually disappeared from the music scene, after his last concert series. Evan felt the need to return home and he knows that his friend and producer, Greg, went to Chicago when Phoenix Records moved. After arriving, Evan asks about the best band in town and is told that Conquest took over the scene a year ago. Evan goes to hear them and is blown away by Jesse's voice and beauty. Evan tells Greg about the group and when they go to see their show, everything changes. Jesse is overwhelmed when he sees Evan in person. They are instantly attracted to each other and their lives are altered after their night together. Greg makes an offer to Conquest, but there are problems they need to overcome with the band and learn how to deal with their intense feelings for each other. Will Evan and Jesse find a way to balance their relationship or will the lure of fame get in the way?

Ms. Frost has begun what looks to be wonderful series. Each of the characters seems to step from the book and take on a life of their own. It was beautiful to read how much love there is between Jesse and his brother Brandon. They were there for each other when there was no one else. The instant attraction between Jesse and Evan was wonderful to watch as it unfolded. Evan's character, with its frailties and strengths, ensnares this reader from the very beginning. I loved experiencing the interactions of the band members of Conquest, even though at times there are problems brewing beneath the surface. This book is incredible and I can't wait to read No Fear, the next book in the Conquest series.

Reviewed by: Teresa