Keys to Love
Key to Love by S.J. Frost is the third book in the Conquest series.

Julian loved being the keyboardist for Conquest after he changed from playing classical piano to become a rock star. You would think that the change in music would be difficult, but instead it broadened Julian's musical skills. The only problem he has is watching Conquests lead singer, Jesse, be very much in love with his partner Evan. Julian is jealous of the relationship that have and after one concert he stays behind to lose himself in his music. Morgan has just started as a Roadie for Conquest and he is excited that he will be close to the object of his desire, Julian. He has followed Julian's career for years, but he never expected to get a chance to meet him. Everyone is great except for his boss Kurt who seems to have something against him from the start. That night Morgan sees Julian playing his favorite song and is captivated by him. Julian finishes playing Fur Elise to see the most beautiful man with Kurt. Julian goes to introduce himself and the two are immediately drawn to each other. Unfortunately, Kurt interrupts them dragging Morgan away. As Morgan and Julian get to know one another they realize that there are many obstacles in the way of their relationship. Julian decides to keep their relationship under wraps to not endanger Morgan's job, but all it does is create more distance between them. Will Morgan and Julian's love survive all the difficulties that occur in the life of a rock star?

Ms. Frost has continued her incredible series with this riveting story. I was drawn into Julian's story by his feelings of loneliness and desire for a man of his own when he sees the love between Jesse and Evan. Morgan is a complex character whose feelings for Julian became stronger when he finally met him for the first time. It was beautiful to watch the growing relationship between Julian and Morgan as they dealt with the many conflicts they encountered. Kurt is a perfect foil causing problems between many of the roadies and the members of Conquest. I loved reading how the love between Jesse and Evan grow as their lives continue. Julian and Morgan are perfect for each other as long as they let their love lead the way. I hope that this isn't the end for the members of Conquest.

Reviewed by: Teresa