No Fear
No Fear by S.J. Frost is the second book in the Conquest series.

Jesse has finally attained the fame he desired with his band, Conquest. To be the opening act for, his lover Evan's, Addiction World tour was everything he ever wanted, but it will be great to be home. Evan is the reason Jesse strove to become a singer and Evan is everything he has ever wanted or desired. The combustible attraction between Jesse and Evan has only increased, much to the amusement most of the members of Conquest, except for Trish. She has always had a problem with Evan. Jesse refuses to believe Evan when he tells him that she is jealous of their relationship. The only other thing in their way is having to keep their relationship secret. Their manager Greg thinks that telling everyone they are gay will destroy their careers. They return home to Phoenix Records to find two new bands, Black Heart Down (BHD) and Swiller as competition. Jesse is familiar with BHD and respects the members, but he finds Swiller to be of no talent and its members literally disgusting. Tension mounts as things heat up at Phoenix when personalities between the bands become explosive. Jesse and his brother Brandon collide over Brandon's current boyfriend, leaving Jesse without his brother's support. When they get back together, Brandon admits his jealousy over their love and his fear of ever finding a love of his own. Will Conquest continue to gain fame? Will Jesse and Evan's love survive the difficulties ahead and will Brandon find his heart's desire?

Ms. Frost has continued her Conquest series with this fast-paced and intricate story. From the very first page, I was pulled into the lives of each of the characters; their personalities collide, adding depth and color to the story. The love between Evan and Jesse was as beautiful as it was incredibly hot! I felt Brandon's fear about never finding a love of his own and then his absolute joy when he meets Shunichi, the man of his dreams. The conflicts between Trent, the singer for Swiller, and Jesse teach the reader that intolerance in any form can lead to dangerous and life altering consequences. Gay bashing is unfortunately common, but Jesse shows that if you show no fear and refuse to accept defeat you can overcome anything. It was sad that Trish couldn't stay in the band, but the addition of Brad, their new drummer, to Conquest brought now life to the band. I for one can't wait to read Keys to Love, the third book in the Conquest series.

Reviewed by: Teresa