Dreams of a Dark Warrior
For one thousand years, Regin the Radiant has been loving and losing her soulmate, Aidan the Fierce. She is doomed to find him again and again, only each time, he has no memory of her or the past they share. It is only through a shared kiss that his memory is rekindled, and his death swiftly follows. When Regin is captured by a cruel warrior known as Declan Chase, she immediately recognizes him as her re-incarnated warlord, but true to form, Declan has no memory of her. Instead of her lover, he is her tormentor; using Regin in experiments to learn more about the immortals. Regin knows if she can get him to remember she will gain her freedom, but is her freedom worth the betrayal of their love?

Declan hates all immortals, but none more than the Valkyrie known as Regin the Radiant. His fascination with her borders on obsession, and try as he might, he can't get her out of his mind. When she tells him of his supposed past as a berserker warlord known as Aidan the Fierce and that she is his soulmate, his mind screams false, while his heart keeps telling him it's true. He is captivated by her tales of his past lives as her lover and the great passion that they shared. Will Declan remember in time to save Regin, or will his hatred destroy them both?

Kresley Cole is paranormal romance at its absolute finest. Her Immortals After Dark series never fail to be anything but superbly entertaining and terrific fun. The story of an amazing love that never died between Regin and Aidan had my heart engaged from the very first page. Regin is a fantastic heroine who delivers laughs and butt-kicking in equal measure. Her devotion to Aidan through the centuries made for a thoroughly heartbreaking and sweet romance that had me more anxious for a happy ending than I can ever remember being. Declan was the ultimate tormented warrior with almost no hope for redemption. It was only his past as Aidan that had me unwilling to give up on him. The chemistry between him and Regin was positively gorgeous and the passion was ferocious. The supernatural thrills never stopped and kept me up well past my bedtime. Dreams of a Dark Warrior is a stunning addition to Cole's Immortals series that will be sure to leave readers begging for more.

Reviewed by: Tara