Ice Around the Edges
Ice Around the Edges by Mary Calmes is part of the Dreamspinner 2010 Advent Calendar.

Evan has spent the last two weeks in the hospital after he was attacked and he can't wait to get out. Evan works at a homeless shelter and he befriends many of the kids on the street who are strung out on drugs. Unfortunately their pimp, Drew Simms, who got them addicted in the first place, took it personally but Evan lived to tell the tale. To Evan's surprise Dixon Bain, his ex-boyfriend who he hasn't seen in ten years, comes to see him. Evan has never forgotten or forgiven how Dixon left him and never looked back when he learned that his family would never accept Evan. None of Evan's boyfriends ever measured up to Dixon so they never lasted. Evan is more than mildly surprised when Dixon informs him that he is taking Evan home with him. Dixon isn't listening when Evan says no to him, but is that really what Evan wants?

Ms. Calmes has written a compelling and beautiful story about love gone astray. Evan's forceful personality is strengthened by his desire to protect those around him who need help. It was sad to read how Evan and Dixon were torn apart when Dixon was unable to stand up for them ten years ago. They were both young and didn't have the strength to fight for what they wanted. I was very amused to read how Evan couldn't fight his bodies need to be close to Dixon even when his head said no. I loved how Dixon was willing to up everything on the line for one more chance with Evan. The love between them is easily seen, but can they overcome their past to look for a better future? I can't wait to read other books by Ms. Calmes.

Reviewed by: Teresa