Model Misbehavior
One of the advantages of having an identical twin is being able to fool others by switching places. When Gina, a cover model, gets sick and can't do one of the biggest cover shoots of her career, her twin sister Tina steps in to help. Tina, a runway model in her own right, is all too happy to help her sister until she finds out the shoot will be done in the nude. Will she turn and run away and disappoint her sister or can she keep it all together in front of her drop-dead gorgeous co-model?

Tim Jaxton, a top cover model, was mending a broken heart when he met Tina Bradley. He was not looking for another relationship but he could not deny the attraction he felt to his naive model partner. Just when he is getting to know Tina better and again putting his heart on the line, his ex-girlfriend shows up and confronts Tina that her and TJ are engaged. TJ must work fast to save not only his career but also his future with Tina.

This was a story of family and love at first sight. Family is very important and the support and closeness of the sisters reminded me of my older sister and me. Sometimes we do things we wouldn't normally do to help family. The heroine stepped out of her comfort zone and fell head over hills in love. Although, I don't believe in love at first sight, when couples find love it is always a good read, it keeps the "idea" of love alive.

Reviewed by: Pam S.