Deliberate Deceptions
Chad Miller was an upstanding FBI agent, great worker, friend and husband. At least he thought he was until everything crashed down on him. The wife he loved abandoned him without talking; the family he had disappeared and his career blew up. He expected his world never to be normal again until he meets his wife, Lauren in an unusual way. She always seemed fragile, needing his protection but now this is a different Lauren. Chad is still not sure why she needs his protection again but thinks she is hiding something. The more he tries to figure her out; the questions of their failed marriage arise again. Chad still loves her and is determined to get her back. Even after all the talking, can he trust her all over again with his life?

It has been eight years since she felt at home or even loved. The thing is that it is all Chad's fault. Lauren loved her husband so much and the little family they had. She never expected him to turn his back on her when she really needed him. Being away has made her see that she can be strong and can do anything she wants, no matter how dangerous it is. One mission goes wrong and now Chad is back, determined to reopen the past no matter what the repercussions. Lauren knows she deserves answers to his abandonment but remembering is the hard part for her. Love and heartbreak is not something she wants to reopen again but missing out on his love again is not something she needs right now. Can she confide in Chad all of the things that have happened and that are happening now?

Deliberate Deceptions a tale of suspense, memories and second chances in every chapter, making you wonder what happened. Lauren is a woman who is afraid of happiness and somewhat paranoid about things. Now Chad seems cool and strong yet when it comes to Lauren he is weak. These two love one another yet certain people want them apart. Leah Braemel surpassed my view on this book and I applaud how deep she went in Lauren's heartache. This is definitely a great book to read but I would have liked a little bit more of Chad's heartache as well. It seemed all about Lauren but it takes two in this story for the heartache and pain. Other than that, great job Leah Braemel.

Reviewed by: Melinda B.