Black Dragon's Heart
Sarah VanHorn has carried a burning crush on Jake Ramsey since she was fourteen years old. Now all grown up she plans to let him know just how hot she is for him. Jake has been asked by his childhood friend, William VanHorn to go undercover to Syndetic International to rescue his baby sister and get her home safely. Syndetic International is a research company that is researching the special qualities of dragon blood and how to duplicate it. Sarah is a chemist intern. Jake has had a secret crush on Sarah but would never jeopardize his friendship with William by getting involved with her. He hides in her room until nightfall; but he cannot control his desire when he sees her, naked in bed, and obviously in the middle of an erotic dream. They both enjoy a night of sexual bliss.

Jake takes Sarah to his cabin to wait after their escape, but they are tracked there. Sarah is attacked and Jake is shot while saving her. Syndetic International tries to charge her with stealing information, and murder, but William and Jake will not allow her be arrested. Sarah is placed under the protection of the Dragon Center. She becomes pregnant, but looses the baby due to residual chemical effects from her time at Syndetic. When several female dragons lose their babies, she decides to go back to Syndetic to find out why. Jake again rescues her from attackers and the mystery begins to unravel.

Black Dragon's Heart is an erotic tale of the enhanced sexual need that is a quality of dragon blood. It's a classic love story of a girl's childhood crush becoming reality. It made me remember the importance of family and how families stick together in times of need. The erotic scenes were graphic but Anita Philmar described them in a very loving manner. The story made me laugh at the stubbornness of Sarah and smile at the loving gentleness of Jake. Sarah is a young spitfire on the go and poor Jake is in for a ride; but one he is more than happy to take. This is an excellent read for those who believe that love will always win in the end.

Reviewed by: Pam S.