Again by Mary Calmes is a contemporary homoerotic romance.

Noah's life shattered when he arrived at LAX to pick up his husband Dante and found him kissing his partner Cassandra. Dante works undercover where he is out of contact with Noah for extended periods. Noah is so excited to tell him that his sister Sarah has agreed to carry their child and is pregnant right now. Noah arrived home devastated and when he tells his best friend Pete, they devise a plan. Noah knows that he can't just give up because he has a baby girl on the way, so he moves into an apartment near Pete and his boyfriend Rick so they will be there if he needs anything. Noah tries to get in contact with Dante and his family, but they seem to have disappeared. With the support of his family and friends, Noah brings his daughter Grace home and she means everything to him. When Grace is five, they are both part of the wedding party for a friend of Noah's and they run into Dante's younger brother Claudio at the hotel. Suddenly, Noah's life is turned upside down when Dante's family reenter the scene followed by Dante himself. Dante is acting as if Noah was at fault, but that can't be right. What really happened six years ago and will they have a second chance at love?

Again is a beautiful story all about misunderstandings and second chances at love. Noah lost everything when he lost Dante, but when Grace was born he dedicated his life to her as many single parents do. It was wonderful how Noah's family and friends were there to support him in any way he needed it. I was as surprised as Noah was when Dante's family delighted in the fact that they had a grandchild. It was beautiful how Noah never even tried to hide Grace from them. Even Dante couldn't remain angry when he learned how Noah tried to look for him and had his name on Grace's birth certificate. The love between Dante and Noah was easily seen, but can they overcome their differences?

Reviewed by: Teresa